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> Sand and gravel production line industry there are still some inadequacies

Sand and gravel production line industry there are still some inadequacies

The economic development of countries in the world by leaps and bounds since the 21st century , the pattern , then the world is getting smaller and smaller , traffic increasingly months convenience . High-speed rail , subway , highways and so in the construction , sand and gravel production line usage continues to grow, the quality requirements of each of sand and gravel are also increasing, with the technical standards of the developed countries the basic standards . Therefore, with more and more companies choose to expand sand and gravel aggregate industry . The sand is the raw materials of engineering construction , more and more companies invest in, and view on the current development situation , sand and gravel production line there are still some problems .

(1) Sand and gravel industry standard implementation of the lack of supervision . Sand and gravel industry standard for unattended execution and lack of supervision , sand and gravel industry, creating a vicious cycle to a large extent , the sand quality is not good to improve .

(2) User units and even the manufacturers do not fully understand the role of the Aggregates can not take the initiative to improve the quality of the product .

(3) A large consumption of resources . As a resource -dependent industries , the resource consumption is not only appear in the gravel industry , you want to achieve greater efficiency with less cost , it must be a fundamental solution to the problem .

(4) Misunderstanding of sand and gravel industry and one-sidedness .

(5) Many sand and gravel product quality is relatively poor, affecting the quality of the concrete . The sand quality is low, largely to the low concrete quality .

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