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> Sand clogging problem is how to solve ?

Sand clogging problem is how to solve ?

Different application environment, due to the sand plants, performance requirements on the Sand is not the same , with the rapid development of China's industrialization , used in sand making demands increasingly high , select quality products seem to shut important. Henan Yifan in the development in recent years , recognizing the Sand constantly upgrading products , the industry will not only price competition is quality , quality, and service competition .

Henan Yifan engineers from other businesses prone to production failure to proceed with research , such as Sand Maker product line sand making equipment blockage is one of the common use fault , there may be problems in the machine design , but more caused by improper user operation . Then how to properly use the sand making equipment ? Problems how to solve it ? Here we are three aspects to a brief description of the sand making equipment problems and solutions .

The first is the feed speed is too fast , the load increases , causing blockage . Feed , it is necessary to pay attention to the ammeter pointer changes to feed excessive , the ammeter pointer deflection , if you exceed the rated current , indicating that the motor overload, overload for a long time , it will burn the motor . This situation should immediately reduce or close the feed door , you can also change the feed to control the feed rate by increasing the feeders . There are two kinds of manual and automatic feeders , the user should choose the right feeder according to the actual situation . As the speed of the sand making equipment , load , and load fluctuations , so the sand making equipment when current is generally controlled at about 85% of the rated current .

Followed by the new Sand discharge pipe is not smooth or blockage . Feeding too fast will lead to the blockage of the outlet of the device ; mismatch and transportation equipment ,Will be caused by a blocked feed pipe with the wind weakened or no wind . To detect failures , it should be clear through the outlet , change does not match the delivery of equipment to adjust the feed rate , sand making equipment to normal operation . Another case is the new Sand hammer broken , aging, the closure of mesh holes , broken , crushed material moisture content is too high will cause the new sand machine blockage . Broken and badly aging hammer should be changed regularly , and maintain the new sand machine in good working condition and regularly check the screen , the crushed material moisture should be less than 14% , thereby enhancing production efficiency , but also make the new system the sand is not blocked , and enhance the reliability of the new sand .

Just Henan Yifan R & D direction to solve the congestion problems of the sand making equipment , one in the future development on the road , Henan Province Yifan is bound to all aspects of increase scientific and technological innovation , according to the hardness of the materials , feed requirements and the product discharge requirements of the new design . Henan Yifan but also to provide customers with the most practical and best sand plants equipment is not only a breakthrough in the reform , is responsible for the customer , to contribute to the development of society .

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