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Sand making equipment, how to effectively weathered sand optimization

Front Yifan Machinery shared "Sand Maker - The best choice for Highway Aggregate" share today is the approach of weathered sand , weathered sand approach is weathered sand Crusher to the broken handle , so that the density of weathered sand in its thinning effect of the vibration force , crushing ; then be washed , wash away the small amount of powder and impurities in the sand , to reduce the sand to mud ratio , clean sand and gravel content , and finally get to meet the architectural requirements of the sand material . From resource-rich weathered sand reclaimer , low cost , turning waste into wealth , technology is reasonable and technically feasible, the characteristics

Weathered sand , there are three main formation pathway to in more detail below :

First, the mechanical weathering of sand .

Second, the chemical weathering of sand .
The creature has the dual properties of the physical and chemical, biological weathering of sand is a merger of both. More than the combined effect appears. Compared to the traditional weathered sand processing equipment, regardless of capacity or power has improved, more suitable for sand, a large factory to buy applications.

Third, the biological weathering of sand.
Through chemical reactions, unstable mineral into another new mineral surface conditions (it was adapted to the surface environment).

The existing gravel crusher, the ability of weathered sand is still significantly less than the use of a mixture of crushing and conveying equipment , if the weathering effect is obvious , we can use the technology of the broken tailings Sec crushing technology . This with the accuracy requirements are too high and the processing time is rather long and efficiency is relatively low , but using the traditional crushing theory , the size control is not very good , so the capacity and power consumption and high optimization , needs to be improved .
As imperfect weathering sands has become increasingly important , Zhen Xin machine HX Sand can also complete the weathered sand ore crushing, washing , grading process , a one-time production of qualified Aggregates products, the utilization of weathered sand than similar products to be higher by the market attention . It is caused due to temperature changes and rock crevices in the physical state of water and salt . Oxygen , aqueous solutions not only make the surface rocks near the fractured , and change their chemical composition , independent research and production equipment which is the chemical weathering .
I plant to develop sand and gravel production line equipment : high-pressure micro- grinding , feeding machine, sand making production line , vibrating screen, magnetic separation equipment using innovative technology, sand crushing production efficiency of a step by step to improve . Zhen Xin adhere to innovation, continuous research and development , innovation, skills , and transportation for the entire fantasy manufacturing fresh blood to bring more vitality .

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