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Sand through water immersion by pneumatic mixing granular and cleaning materials easy to abrasive and hard to wash the special washing equipment . For hard to wash limonite and manganese ore washing . Since no mechanical effect , the ore by a long soak through the external air mixing can be broken loose and cleaning, the grinding of the ore stripping small .

Gravel production line process:

Gravel production line process: the silo → Vibrating Feeder → Jaw crusher →Impact Crusher→ shaker → ( finished stone) ;
Impact crusher → shaker → sand washing machine → ( refined sand).The shaker can be shared , you can also separate equipment middle chute or belt conveyor to achieve different physical transmission .

Yifan Heavy Industries in the sand part of the production of efficient sand making equipment , low energy consumption , high efficiency , is your ideal investment , sand and gravel production lines , when the vibration screening out qualified sand , by washing sand , cleaning to produce qualified national standard of the finished sand , sand in the physical index than the natural sand to meet the architectural requirements Yifan Heavy production of sand and gravel production line : advanced technology, low energy consumption , high efficiency , short payback period , mineral utilization of higher advantages , the company produced by sand making equipment , sand making production line , sand and gravel production lines , are exported to Malaysia, Vietnam , Pakistan, and other Southeast Asian countries .

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